Charmonium-like States at the B Factories

Arafat Gabareen Mokhtar (SLAC)
DESY Auditorium, 17:00h

Many charmonium-like states above the DD-bar threshold have been
discovered at the e+e- B factories, BABAR and Belle.
These states are produced in B decays, initial state radiation,
two-photon production, or in double charmonium productions.
The nature of these states still not yet been completely understood,
and in some cases results are not always consistent. Among the new
charmonium-like states, the Z(4430)-, Z1(4050)-, and Z(4250)- states,
reported by the Belle Collaboration, have generated a great deal
of interest, because such states must have minimum quark content
of cc-bar dd-bar, i.e. these are four-quark states.

An overview on new charmonium-like states that have been reported
by the BABAR, Belle, CDF, and D0 Collaborations will be given.

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