Gravitational Waves Research: Status + Perspectives

Benno Willke (Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Hannover)
DESY Hörsaal, 17:00h

The quest for gravitational waves is a very exciting field in experimental physics. After reaching their design sensitivity a network of interferometric gravitational wave detectors ( GEO, LIGO, Virgo) has acquired several years worth of data. Even though no gravitational wave was found so far, first  astrophysically interesting  results could be deduced from the data.  Currently upgrades of these interferometers are being prepared to improve their sensitivity by an order on magnitude which will lead to highly interesting expected event rates.
In this talk I will describe the measurement principle, the technology used and some results of the network of initial detectors. Based on the analysis of their limiting noise sources the plans and technology advances of the second detector generation will be discussed and perspectives for future of this field will be given.

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