Kaon physics in the era of LHC

Tommaso Spadaro (Frascati, INFN)
DESY Hörsaal, 17:00h

In recent years, information from kaon decay studies allowed important improvements in testing for possible new physics effects beyond the Standard Model. State-of-the-art results have been obtained, which turned into severe constraints for possible extensions of the SM: a new determination of the Vus CKM matrix parameter, precision tests of CP and CPT symmetries, and several tests for lepton-flavor violation will be some of the topics discussed.
In the future decade, kaons will continue to play a fundamental role in testing for possible new physics scenarios. From the theoretical side, improvements in lattice techniques proved to be continuous and might have significative impacts even with present data. From the experimental side, a future generation of experiments will further push up the mass-scale sensitivity to new physics, in particular with NA62 at CERN and with the rich kaon physics program at J-Parc in Japan.