DESERTEC - Clean power from deserts for a world with 10 billion people

Gerhard Knies
DESY Hörsaal, 17:00h

Humankind is on the way to a world population of 10 billion, while the carrying capacity of earth is good for at most 5 billion, at present, with a declining trend caused by growing ecological deteriorations, most visibly as climate change and its inherent risks. A rapid transition to clean energies at a global scale could still solve the two problems: sufficient energy for continued development of our civilization and simultaneous drastic reduction of green house gas emissions. I will describe how this can be achieved by clean power from deserts: what are the required volumes, the required pace, the needed technologies, practical options, the needed co-operations and the needed financial efforts, at a global scale. I will describe the role of the DESERTEC Foundation and of the DESERTEC Industrial Initiative in implementing the DESERTEC Concept, and also address how science and research could make a contribution.

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