A New Generation of Muon g-2/EDM Experiment at J-PARC

Naohito Saito (KEK)
DESY Hörsaal, 17:00h

The precision measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment
has been playing an important role in testing the standard model and
in constraining new physics possibilities. Current results from BNL E821
show more than 3 sigma deviation from the standard model and requires
further exploration. We are proposing a new generation of muon
g-2 experiment at J-PARC. The measurement utilizes the pencil
beam of muon, which can be produced from ultra-slow muon source
at J-PARC. We aim to improve the precision by a factor of 5 to
reach 0.1 ppm precision. We also plan to perform a search for muon EDM.
A sensitivity of our search will be discussed.

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