Precision measurements of fundamental interactions with (anti)neutrinos

Roberto Petti (University of South Carolina)
DESY Auditorium, 16.45 h

A technique has been recently proposed to achieve a control of the neutrino targets and fluxes comparable to electron scattering experiments. In particular, it allows precise measurements of high statistics samples of (anti)neutrino-hydrogen interactions and of various nuclear targets. The planned high intensity LBNF beams give access to a broad mixture of measurements of electroweak parameters, QCD and hadron structure of nucleons and nuclei, nuclear physics, form factors, structure functions and cross-sections, as well as searches for new physics or verification of existing outstanding inconsistencies. Such a program of precision measurements and searches would nicely complement the efforts in the fixed-target, collider, and nuclear physics communities, elevating the near site of LBNF to a general physics facility for a broad range of scientific studies.