News from B-Factories

Maiko Takahashi (DESY)
DESY Auditorium, 16.45

Following the great success of the B-Factories, Babar and Belle experiments, the next generation, SuperKEKB accelerator with Belle II experiment, has been designed to further refine the precision of the Standard Model (SM) measurements and to explore the physics beyond SM in flavour sector. The upgraded e+e- collider will operate at an unprecedented instantaneous luminosity, and the start of physics runs with the complete detector is expected in approximately a year from now. I will discuss the current experimental status in flavour physics with results which motivate the future physics programme of Belle II. I will then present the progress of the SuperKEKB commissioning and the Belle II detector preparation.

Please note:
This colloquium is integrated in the "11th Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Alliance 'Physics at the Terascale'".

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