International Dark Matter Day: Art Meets Science "Dark Matter" exhibition

DESY Auditorium & DESY Campus, 3 p.m.

We would like to invite you to DESY's first Art Meets Science project "Dark Matter". Fifteen artists from all over Germany are exhibiting their works on campus, at places like the main auditorium, HERA-West, and the XFEL-Mockup tunnel. The works are the result of an intense exchange between scientists from DESY and artists who are intrigued by Dark Matter. Their art involves painting, drawing, photography and film, sculpture, installation, intervention, sound and multi-media. The exhibits range from experimental paintings, an outdoor accelerator installation, a sound installation in the HERA tunnel to a staged collision on the roundabout. This first Art-Meets-Science event is organised in cooperation with the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. DESY scientist Christian Schwanenberger will give a short introduction into particle physics and the search for Dark Matter, followed by a live broadcast to CERN. Art scientist Belinda Grace Gardner will give an introduction into the exhibition followed by a podium discussion. Afterwards we show the short film programme "Dark Matters" in cooperation with the Kurz Film Agentur Hamburg, and the exhibits are open for guided visits.

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