Physics with Liquid-argon Detectors: from MicroBooNE to DUNE

Stefan Soldner-Rembold (Univ. of Manchester)
DESY Auditorium, 16.45 h

The outstanding capability of liquid-argon Time Projection Chambers to detect particle interactions make them one of the most promising technology choices for next-generation neutrino experiments. Several mid-size detectors at Fermilab and CERN will soon demonstrate the potential of the liquid-argon technology, searching for sterile neutrinos and measuring liquid-argon interactions of neutrinos and charged particles. Within a decade, the DUNE experiment in South Dakota will start to address a broad science programme, with the aim to discover CP violation in the neutrino sector, record supernova neutrinos, and search for proton decay. I will give an overview of the current status and future discovery potential of liquid-argon detectors.

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