Top quark physics at the new energy frontier

Maria Aldaya (DESY)
DESY Auditorium, 16.45 h

The top quark plays a very special role in the description of the structure of
matter and interactions within the Standard Model (SM). It is by far the
heaviest fundamental particle known to-date and therefore believed to be key
to the mechanism that lends mass to elementary particles through their
couplings to the Higgs boson. Moreover, the top quark is an excellent
candidate to search for new physics phenomena beyond the SM. Thus, it is of
great importance to measure the properties of the top quark as precisely as
possible and to investigate its interaction with the Higgs. The LHC at CERN,
with its unprecedented energies, provides a unique environment for these
studies. In this talk I present recent top quark results from CMS and
prospects for high precision measurements in LHC Run-II.

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