QCD vs. Monte Carlo Event Generators

Zoltan Nagy (DESY)
DESY auditorium, 17:00h

In this talk I try to summarize the discussed topics of the Parton Shower and Resummation Institute that was taken place in DESY in May. The main purpose of this meeting is to define a strategy to validate parton shower algorithm against known analytic QCD calculation. I will discuss in more details the transverse momentum distribution of the Drell-Yan process. This is the simplest non-trivial quantity that can test the initial state adiations in the parton shower and provide some guideline how to define modified leading order parton distribution functions for Monte Carlo event generators.
We had several talks and discussions during this month mainly on theoretical and technical issues but in this summary talk I will try to focus on questions which could be more interesting and important for both theorists and experimentalists.

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