Warped Dimensions and the LHC

Raman Sundrum (Johns Hopkins University)
DESY SR4a/b (!), 17:00h

The non-supersymmetric Randall-Sundrum mechanism for resolving the electroweak Hierarchy Problem in terms of general relativistic redshifts across "warped" higher-dimensional spacetime will be described in simple terms. We review an attractive class of particle physics models which exploit this mechanism and also address the origins of flavor structure, as well as constraints on them from precision data. The collider phenomenology of these models is outlined, namely the production of extra-dimensional "Kaluza-Klein" excitations of Standard Model particles and gravitons and their decays predominantly into top quarks and electroweak bosons. The theoretical options for Dark Matter as well as Grand Unification and the related phenomenology are briefly discussed. The deep relationship via the AdS/CFT correspondence between models of this type and strongly-coupled but purely (3+1)-dimensional models is explained in simple terms.

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