Status and first results of the NEMO-km3 project

Giorgio Riccobene (INFN LNS Catania)
DESY SR4a/b(!), 17:00h

The detection of >TeV neutrinos originated in astrophysical objects is a "smoking gun" to identify the sources of Cosmic Rays. The contemporary operation of the IceCube neutrino telescope, under construction under the South Pole polar cap, together with the future Mediterranean-km3, presently under design within the KM3NeT consortium, is foreseen in the next years. The NEMO Collaboration, participating in KM3NeT, aims at the construction of km3-scale neutrino telescope in deep sea. Results of deep sea site seeking and monitoring activity and of the pilot experiments NEMO Phase-1 will be discussed. The status of the NEMO Phase 2, consisting in the realization of a deep sea infrastructure suitable for the installation of the km3 telescope, project will be also presented

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