Quest for Dark Matter at Particle Colliders and Beyond

Greg Landsberg (Brown Univ.)
DESY Auditorium, 16.45 h

Last few years marked a shift in the paradigm of dark matter searches at colliders. While most of the results of earlier searches have been presented in terms of effective field theory, the limitations of this approach have been realized, and the results of new searches are now mostly being interpreted in terms of simplified models of dark matter. Not only these models allow for a more realistic comparison between collider and direct or indirect detection experiments and emphasize their complementarity, but they also can be used to put constraints on dark matter models from seemingly unrelated searches, e.g., a search for dijet resonances. I'll review the current status of collider searches and their relation to direct and indirect detection experiments. I'll finish with some new ideas in searches for dark matter at the LHC and will talk about future prospects in this exciting field.

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