The SwissFEL Project and the SwissFEL Test Facility at PSI

Sven Reiche (PSI)
Building 1b/sem. room 4a/b, 16.45h

PSI prepares the construction of an X-ray free electron laser, SwissFEL, as its next major research facility. The baseline design consists of a 5.8 GeV linear accelerator and two FEL lines covering the wavelength range from 0.1 - 0.7nm and 0.7 - 7.0nm, respectively. SwissFEL features a linear accelerator in C-band technology, a novel design of variable gap in-vacuum undulators for the hard X-ray FEL and Apple II undulators with full polarization control for the soft X-ray FEL. The two FELS are operated independently and simultaniously with 100 Hz pulse rate each. As a stepping stone PSI operates a test facility to demonstrate the electron beam parameters required for a successful operation of SwissFEL. This presentation shows the current planning status of SwissFEL and the recent progress at the test injector facility.

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