Elastic e p Scattering at DORIS - Status of the OLYMPUS Experiment

Jürgen Diefenbach (Hampton University, OLYMPUS)
DESY Auditorium, 16.45 h

The goal of the OLYMPUS experiment at DORIS is to precisely measure the ratio of the positron-proton and electron-proton elastic scattering cross sections to quantify the effect of two-photon exchange. The experiment will use intense beams of electrons and positrons stored in the DORIS ring, an upolarized internal hydrogen target and the former BLAST detector from the MIT Bates Linear Accelerator center. The detector parts arrived at DESY in the summer of 2010. Significant progress was made over the following 18 months. The detector assembly was completed in the DORIS hall, the interaction region was modified in January 2011, and during the 2011 summer shutdown, the detector was moved into beam position. The first data taking took place in February. The final data taking will take place October to December. The status of the experiment will be reported in this talk.

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