The Physics Program at the PS and SPS: CERN's unique Scientific Breadth

Christoph Rembser (CERN)

While the main focus over the past years has shifted towards flagship experiments at colliders, a rich and exciting physics program is still carried out at the CERN Proton-Synchrotron (PS) and Super-Proton-Synchrotron (SPS), attracting large scientific communities from the various fields of physics. In my talk I will introduce the CERN PS and SPS accelerators which are successfully and efficiently operating since many years and which are providing a wide range of different particle beams. This beams with energies up to 450GeV are used in various experimental facilities like the Antiproton Decelerator, the Neutron Time-of-Flight facility, the PS and SPS experimental areas and at the CNGS beamlinewhich provides a beam of high-energy neutrinos to the GranSassolaboratory about 730km away from CERN. I will present an overview on the physics program of CERNs"lower energy" accelerators and will report on its experiments. As from this year onwards the PS and SPS also serve as injectors for the Large HadronColliderLHC, I will review their operation modes and possible injector upgrades which will ensure to keep CERN's unique scientific breadth and that the experiments at the PS and SPS will remain an important and indispensable part of the laboratories activities.