B Physics at the TeVatron

Joseph Boudreau (Pittsburgh)

The physics of the bottom quark is a compelling subject, on one hand because its large mass enables theoretical approaches yielding precise predictions for b-flavored hadronproperties, and on the other hand because of the large CP violation predicted (and seen) in the B system. Extensive new information on charged and neutral b-mesons from the B factories has had a major impact on B physics in the last decade. The Tevatronexperiments CDF and D0, each with approximately 3 fb-1on tape, are also now making a big impact. These are the only experiments nowproducing B0s, B+c, Λ0B, Λ±B, Χ-B, and exited b-hadronstates. Spectroscopy, lifetimes, B0smixing, CP violation in the B0ssystem, and rare B decays enlighten us on a range of topics from QCD to physics beyond the standard model. This talk surveysrecent highlights of the CDF and D0 B physics program with an emphasis on the ``other'' b hadronstates.

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