Electroweak Penguin Decays of B Mesons

Jürgen Kroseberg (Universität Bonn and SCIPP, University of California)

Electroweak penguin decays of B mesons are b->sor b->dtransitions with a lepton pair or photon in the final state. Within the Standard Model, these flavor-changing neutral current processes are forbidden at tree level and proceed predominantly through one-loop "penguin" diagrams. Virtual new particles entering the loop would contribute at leading order, possibly altering decay rates and asymmetries in a measurable way. Thus, the study of electroweak penguin decays of B mesons can yield powerful New Physics constraints, which are likely to remain highly relevant in the LHC era. In this seminar I willreview the experimental methods and results of recent measurements of thesedecays at the B factories, in particular with the BaBardetector at the SLAC PEP-II collider.

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