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Alexander Kappes (ECAP Erlangen): Ice Cube
Gernot Maier (DESY/HU Berlin): Veritas/CTA

DESY Auditorium

Neutrino and gamma-ray observatories study the most energetic processes in the Universe. They explore cosmic objects with extraordinary environments like rapidly rotating neutron stars, remnants of massive stellar explosions or supermassive black holes. The primary astrophysical question is the origin and acceleration mechanism of cosmic rays, the primary science driver in fundamental physics is to reveal the nature of dark matter.

The groups at DESY are involved in the building and physics analysis of several major observatories. These are the large-volume neutrino telescope IceCube, the gamma-ray observatories Fermi LAT, MAGIC, H.E.S.S. and VERITAS, and next-generation instruments as the Cherenkov Telescope Array. The two presentations discuss a small number of selected recent highlights from IceCube and VERITAS.

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