Jets - a tool for studying "old" and "new" physics

Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (DESY)
Buildg. 1c, seminar room 10, 17.00 h

The concept of 'jets' was introduced more than 4 decades ago to describe the features of final-state hadrons in high-energy particle collisions. These early findings contributed strongly to the understanding of the strong interaction as initially formulated in the quark-parton model and later described by the theory of quantum chromodynamics.
Since the early times of colliding-beam machines, jets have played a significant role in basically all experiments at the energy frontier. Since exactly one year, also the LHC contributes to the rich picture of jet physics.
In this seminar, the concept and history of jets will be reviewed before an overview of important results - mainly in the field of QCD - will be discussed. Finally, an outlook to jets as a tool for discovery physics at the LHC will be given.

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