Quantum Universe Colloquium. Hic Sunt Leones: Charting Dark Matter Frontiers

Filippo Sala (DESY)
DESY Auditorium, 16:00 h

Dark matter constitutes one of the most pressing open issues in our understanding of nature. Its exploration has so far mostly focused on new particles lighter than a TeV or so, as I will overview in the first part of this colloquium. I will then switch to heavier dark matter, a new frontier which is attracting increasing interest in the community. I will highlight the key concepts behind the models that host these candidates, as well as the more promising searches for them, from high-energy cosmic-ray data at operating (e.g. H.E.S.S. II) and planned (e.g. CTA, KM3NeT) telescopes, to gravitational waves at LISA.

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